DELI office scissors model no. 77754

In order to validate the optimal handle shape, statistics were taken from users of various age groups and physiques, and the handle that best fits the hand was designed.

The handle has a slightly larger size, with an emphasis on fit, and has an arch shape along the back of the hand so that you can hold it in a relaxed state.

We adopt elastomer of material with high elasticity in the steering wheel inside. The high grip and non-slip material can hold the handle firmly. In addition, we made lattice-like gap in part hit by finger strongly and raised cushioning properties.

Therefore, it is hard to hurt your hands even if you cut a hard material like plastic or a thick material such as cardboard.

A highly slidable resin ring is used around the blade axis. We suppressed friction at the time of opening and closing and raised movement of blade.

The arched blade is an efficient curve that applies the principle of leverage and can capture and cut objects with light force. In addition, the overlapping of the blade at the tip is small, and it is suitable for fine work such as cutting with the blade tip.

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