Here at Form, we focus mainly on the design of products.

When you think about design, you may imagine drawing a picture, but our way of thinking regarding design differs greatly from that description..

Before we enter into the planning and development phase, we first do plenty of analysis, which includes basic research, trial manufacturing, verification experiments, as well as considering risks related to the creation of businesses, the start of the production process, as well administration of the product distribution. While developing, we progress through this process, which later makes a significant impact on the final product. This way, whether it is the visible or abstract parts of design, we strive for perfection from every possible angle, while involving all experts from their related departments. Also, the developing process sometimes changes depending on the business cooperation model or product in mind. Here at Form, we have practical experience and know-how regarding product development and handle the process with great care.

Main offer

Product design as well related services such as: R&D, design, trial manufacturing, consultations regarding advanced development of product planning, molding, production, and sales.

Main business areas

Kitchen tools and utensils, vehicles, transport equipment, care equipment, IT devices, communication devices, baby items, stationery, household goods, sports goods, office equipment, tableware, furniture, toys, medical goods and more.

Nature of our business

We design and develop in various fields, such as daily life items, care equipment, medical supplies as well as in other areas. Furthermore, we also create package designs, conduct advanced development (advanced design) and more.

Design application guide

If you are considering placing an order, we recommend reviewing the “Design Application Guideline” which you can obtain from Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center.

*Inside the guide you will also find our products.