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How about introducing more 'design' into your company's product?

How design could help with your business strategy?

Well designed product increases not only extra value of product, but also a quality of a product itself.

What we think design is…

1)Ideation based on user's point of view

【We analyze not only need of users but also a diversified value, and realize products that meets both of them.】

Example) "One touch tweezer" that was co-developed with KAI was invented by focusing on the action "catch" and "pull", and it became product in unique shape.
貝印 「ワンタッチ毛抜き」

2)Achieve higher quality of product design

【Total quality management of die, mass production and sales promotion achieve higher quality of product design 】

Example)Original design of one touch open/close airtight container"pop container"designed for OXO International, Inc. has been sold globally and received many awards.

3)Establishment of branding image

【We design tangible and intangible product in total, producing products which reflects corporate philosophy.】

Example) Cleansui CP005 designed for Mitsubishi Rayon Cleansui raised domestic share greatly.


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