Do you want to improve design of your products?

1)Imagining the product by putting the user’s lifestyle into perspective

We do not only think about the customers’ needs, but also create the product which embodies their diverse values.

Example:  The “One-touch tweezers” which we have developed in conjunction with Kai Corporation, does not only respond to the needs and convenience of the customer, but also pays attention to the two movements – “Pinch” and “Pull” – creating a uniquely shaped, easy to use product.

2)Aim for high-quality crafting

Consultations regarding quality control that includes molding, casting, production, and selling

Example:  We wanted to make an airtight container, which could be opened single-handedly. Our POP Container made in cooperation with OXO has been selling all around the world and has received many awards, both internationally and domestically, gaining high recognition and interest among consumers.

3)Forming the brand image

Our goal is to create a product, which reflects everything that relates to the company’s beliefs and business, whether it be the visible or abstract parts of the design.

Example: With Mitsubishi Rayon Cleansui we developed the water purifier pot – “CP005” model – which has gained a large domestic market share after its release.

Requests and estimations

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